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To Appear. A compositional morphosemantic analysis of exclusivity in Ch'ol. Proceedings of the 2018 LSA. With Mia Wiegand. [pdf]

2018. Inanimate nouns as subjects in Mi'gmaq: Consequences for agreement morphology. Proceedings of WSCLA 21. [pdf]

2018. Subjects, Animacy and Agreement in Mi'gmaq Transitive Verbs. Papers of the 47th Algonquian Conference.

2018. A Binary Feature Analysis of Mi'gmaq Number Agreement. Proceedings of the 35th West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics. edited by Wm. G. Bennett, Lindsay Hracs, and Dennis Ryan Storoshenko. Somerville, MA: Cascadilla Proceedings Project. [pdf]

2017. Negation and indefinite pronouns in Mi'gmaq. Papers of the 46th Algonquian Conference.Edited by Monica Macaulay, and Margaret Noodin. MSU Press.

2016. Modeling obviation in Algonquian. Proceedings of Semantics of Under-Represented Languages in the Americas (SULA) 9 . with Mary Moroney. [pdf]

2015. Language research and revitalization through a community-university partnership: The Mi'gmaq research partnership. Journal of Language Documentation and Conservation 9. 292-306. with Travis Wysote, Elise McClay and Jessica Coon. [pdf]

2013. Translation from Russian of The Daughter of Bukhara by Liudmila Ulitskaia. The Troika Undergraduate Journal.

2013. Didja know? A comparative study of affrication across word boundaries in Canadian and American English. Strathy Student Working Papers on Canadian English. With Thea Knowles. [pdf]

2013. Using technology to bridge the gap between speakers, learners, and linguists. In Endangered Languages Beyond Boundaries: Proceedings of the Seventeenth Conference of the Foundation for Endangered Languages, ed. Mary Jane Norris, Erik Anonby, Marie-Odile Junker, Nicholas Ostler, and Donna Patrick, 199-200. with Elise McClay, Erin Olson, Hisako Noguchi, Alan Bale & Jessica Coon.

selected and upcoming presentations

2018. A feature-based analysis of the Ch'ol (Mayan) person paradigm. Presented at the 44th annual meeting of the Berkeley Linguistic Society (BLS). Berkeley, CA. [handout]

2018. A compositional morphosemantic analysis of exclusivity in Ch'ol. With Mia Wiegand. Presented at the Linguistic Society of America (LSA) Annual Meeting. Salt Lake City, UT. [abstract] [handout] *Winner of LSA Student Abstract Award (3rd Place)

2017. Cardinal and ordinal meanings of possessed numeral constructions in Ch'ol. Presented at the 12th Tbilisi Symposium on Language, Logic, and Computation. Lagodekhi, Georgia.

2017. A binary feature analysis of Mi'gmaq number agreement. Presented at the 35th West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics. [pdf]

2017. Accounting for number in Mi'gmaq with binary features. Presented at the 41st Penn Linguistics Colloquium.

2016. Las relaciones de posesión en ch'ol: numerales. Presented at Form and Analysis in Mayan Linguistics (FAMLi) 4. Universidad de Oriente (UnO), Valladolid in Yucatán, México. (in Spanish)

2016. On the morphophonology of Mi'gmaq subject agreement, presented at the 48th Algonquian Conference. Milwaukee, WI.

2016. Agreement and animacy on Mi'gmaq transitive verbs. Presented at the Workshop on Structure and Constituency in Languages of the Americas (WSCLA). Université du Québec à Montreal (UQAM)

2016. Animacy in Mi'gmaq, presented at the The Society for the Study of the Indigenous Languages of the Americas (SSILA). Washington, DC.

2015. A relative clause puzzle in Mi'gmaq (Algonquian), poster presented at the Workshop on Relative Clauses: Relatives in East Asia and Beyond. Cornell University, Ithaca, NY. with Michael David Hamilton.

2015. Animacy in Mi'gmaq, presented at the 47th Algonquian Conference. Winnipeg, MB.

2014. Negation in Mi'gmaq. Presentation given at the 46th Algonquian Conference. Mohegan Sun, CT.

2013. Evidentiality in Mi'gmaq. Presentation given at the 45th Algonquian Conference. Ottawa, ON.

2013. Student perspectives on Mi'gmaq language-learning through multi-modal teaching: A community- linguistics partnership. Presented at The 3rd International Conference on Language Documentation & Conservation. University of Hawaii, Wakiki, HI. With Elise McClay.

invited talks

[2018]. Invited Student Talk at Semantics of Underrepresented languages of the Americas (SULA). University of Toronto.

2015. Animacy and agreement on Mi'gmaq transitive verbs. Talk given at Hebrew University, Jersalem, Israel.

2015. Mi'gmaq: lengua indígena en peligro de extinción en Quebec, Canadá. Colloquium given at Universidad Intercultural del Estado de Tabasco en Villa Tamulté de las Sabanas. [in Spanish]