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About Us

Speech is built on a relation between our perception of sound and the movements we make to produce sound. Students and faculty in the Cornell Phonetics Lab research various aspects of speech perception and production, aiming to understand how speech patterns emerge and evolve.

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Research Facilities

Sound booth Our isolated sound recording booth serves a range of purposes--from basic recording to perceptual and psycholinguistic experimentation.

Articulatory movement tracking We use the Northern Digital Inc. Wave motion-capture system to study speech articulatory patterns and motor control.

Real-time vocal tract MRI Our lab is part of the Cornell Speech Imaging Group (SIG), a cross-disciplinary team of researchers using real-time magnetic resonance imaging to study the dynamics of speech articulation.

Ultrasound Our GE LOGIQbook portable ultrasound is used for studying vocal tract kinematics and dynamics.

Electroglottography We use a Glottal Enterprises EG-2 electroglottograph for noninvasive measurement of vocal fold vibration.

Speech Aerodynamics Studies of the aerodynamics of speech production are conducted with our Glottal Enterprises oral and nasal airflow and pressure transducers.

Corpora The Phonetics Lab maintains access to a variety of corpora used by the Department of Linguistics.


Ph2 Phonetics and Phonology Reading Group: Fr 12:20 PM.

Phonetics Data Analysis Working Group: Wed 12:20 PM.


Lab Co-Directors

Sam Tilsen


Abby Cohn



Systems Administrator & Research Systems Consultant

Bruce McKee


B10 Morrill Hall, Cornell University

Lab phone 607-255-0708