David Lutz and Nan Li married

Our graduate students David Lutz and Nan Li were recently married! We all send them our congratulations and blessings.

Okki Kurniawan presenting at AFLA in Hawaii

Our graduate student Okki Kurniawan will present his paper "Nasal assimilatin in Standard Indonesian and Jakarta Indonesian" at the 21st Meeting of the Austronesian Formal Linguistics Association, May 23-25, 2014, in Manoa, Hawaii.

Abby Cohn's research on Sundanese highlighted in the Jakarta Post!

A great article on Abby Cohn's research on the phonology of Sundanese appeared in the Jakarta Post: here

David Lutz to present at The Mellon Humanities Corridor Workshop in Syracuse

David Lutz will be presenting a paper, co-authored with Sam Tilsen, "Semantic expectation affects prosodic prominence perception" at the Mellon Humanities Corridor Workshop on Theoretical and Experimental Linguistics, in Syracuse, on Dec. 8.

Christina Bjorndahl to the 12th Old World Conference in Phonology in Spain

Christina Bjorndahl will be presenting a paper, "The cross-linguistic phonological and phonetic identity of /v/", at the 12th Old World Conference in Phonology (OCP 12), January 28-30, in Barcelona, Spain

Chris Sundita to LSA in Portland

Chris Sundita will be presenting a paper, "Problems in Reconstructing the Proto-Central Philippine Verb Paradigm", at The 89th Annual Meeting of the Linguistic Society of America, Portland.

Hao Yi and Robin Karlin to the Acoustical Society of American meeting in Indianapolis

Hao Yi and Robin Karlin will be going to the 168th meeting of the Acoustical Society of America in Indianapolis, on October 27th.
Hao will be presenting his paper, "A gestural account of Mandarin tone sandhi" and Robin will be presenting her paper, "The articulatory TBU: gestural coordination of tone in Thai."

Cornell linguists at the Manchester Phonology Meeting

Cornell phonology graduate students Robin Karlin, Marie-Josee L'Esperance, Linda Heimisdottir, and Anca Chereches.

The 22nd Manchester Phonology Meeting (May 29-31) will be awash with Cornellians! We have two papers and two posters among our acceptances; half the PLab will be in Manchester in May. MJ L'Espérance will be presenting a paper "How phonological is liaison?". Robin Karlin will be presenting "Finnish dialectical epenthesis: two distinct types of vowel insertion". Anca Chereches will present a poster titled "No host, no problem: Romanian clitics can form independent Prosodic Words", and Linda Heimisdóttir will present "Icelandic Aspiration: Analysis of Two Dialects." And if that were not enough, a glance at the program reveals that Adam Albright (B.A. 1996) and Niken Adisasmito-Smith (Ph.D. 2004) will also be there

Lab cleanup and bowling party March 15: winning team is still disputed

Phonetics Lab Hike

On October 20th Sam & Abby lead a successful Phonetics Lab hike on a glorious, sunshine-filled Sunday at Buttermilk Falls State Park.

P-lab hikers were joined by family members for a hike spanning the upper & lower sections of the park. Many pictures were taken at bridges and scenic waterfalls along the way, and no one was lost to grizzly bear attacks or alien abduction.

Hikers finished the outing with a tasty Wegman's lunch tray (courtesy of the Linguistics Department) and scrumptious home-made Indonesian dumplings (courtesy of Okki's wife Mega).