Variation in tone timing

Broadly speaking, I am interested in how we represent linguistic pitch (tone, intonation) and how we move from representation to implementation: What is phonological? What is phonetic, but modulated by phonology? How influential are moras and segments on timing, and how large a role do the pitch contours themselves play? In my dissertation I am building on work I did or my first qualifying paper, which explored the concept of an articulatory TBU. For this go-around, I am focusing on cross- and within-language variation in peak timing, working with acoustic and articulatory data from Central Thai and Serbian.

Stress, moras, and timing

Stress as a linguistic reality is a somewhat controversial topic, and I am interested in the interplay of stress, weight, and linguistic pitch. In some of my work outside of tone I have examined the case of northern dialects of Finnish, which display extra lengthening of the (not necessarily stressed) second mora, along with various other phenomena that affect the timing of the second mora position.

Building representations

The last area that I am interested in is the acquisition and building of representations. How do learners acquire representations, and what stages do they go through on their way? How can these stages inform us on adult representations? I am particularly interested in looking at changes in timing, but also the building of inventories and features.

Language interests

Papers and presentations

Phonetic evidence for the phonological association of rising pitch accents in Valjevo Serbian
LabPhon16, June 19-22
[abstract] [poster]
The effects of onset consonants on peak timing in Belgrade Serbian
LSA 2018, January 4-7
[abstract] [slides] [proceedings]
The role of targets and timing in tonal representation
LSA 2017, January 5-8
[abstract] [slides]
The independence of the timing of tone and tone-bearing units: a study on Thai
TIE 2016, September 1-3
[abstract] [slides]
Second mora phenomena in Central and Northern dialects of Finnish
Qualifying paper, 2015
[Working Papers]

The coordination of tone gestures in Thai
MFM23, University of Manchester, May 28-30
[abstract] [slides]
The articulatory TBU: gestural coordination of tone in Thai
Qualifying paper, 2014
[Working Papers]

The articulatory TBU: gestural coordination of tone in Thai
ASA 168, Indianapolis, IN, October 27-31
[poster] [proceedings]
Finnish dialectical epenthesis: two distinct types of vowel insertion
MFM22, University of Manchester, May 29-31
[abstract] [handout]