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Ph.D. Candidate
Department of Linguistics
Cornell University

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About me:

I'm currently a Ph.D. candidate in Linguistics at Cornell University, working under my co-chairs Michael Weiss and John Whitman. I am most interested in historical linguistics, historical syntax, and the synchronic/diachronic interface, specifically using diachronic methods to inform synchronic understanding and vice versa. My recent syntactic work has focused on reconstructing Indo-European wh-question syntax based on modern generative understandings of left periphery syntactic structures. Most of my work has been with Indo-European or Japonic languages, but I've also done a bit of work on Tai syntax.

Publications and Conference Presentations:

Syntactic Headedness in Tocharian. 29th Annual West Coast Indo-European Conference (WeCIEC), November 3-4 2017. Los Angeles, California. Abstract)

Wh-questions in Hittite and Tocharian and implications for PIE reconstruction. 36th Annual East Coast Indo-European Conference (ECIEC), June 2-4 2017. Ithaca, New York. (Talk, Handout, Abstract)

Rethinking Lexical Indexing Models: Evidence from Japanese and English. Linguistic Society of America (LSA) 91st Annual Meeting, Jan. 5-8 2017. Austin, Texas. (Poster, Handout, Abstract)

Rethinking the Core-Periphery Model: Data from Japanese. 24th Manchester Phonology Meeting, May 26-28 2017. Manchester, England. (Poster, Handout, Abstract)

Postnominal Relative Clause Development in Classical Armenian. Workshop on Relative Clauses: Relatives in East Asia and Beyond, Nov. 15 2015. Ithaca, New York. (Poster)


Draft of first qualifying paper: Rethinking the Core-Periphery Model: Evidence from Japanese and English.

Draft of second qualifying paper: Wh-Questions in Tocharian and Implications for PIE Reconstruction.


Ph.D. Candidate in Linguistics at Cornell University, 2014-Present

Masters in Linguistics from the University of Georgia, Class of 2014

B.A. in Accounting from Furman University, Class of 2007

Teaching Experience:

Cornell University
Teaching Assistant
Introduction to Japanese
-Taught and administered grades for six speaking drill sections per week

University of Georgia
Instructor of Record
Introduction to Japanese
-Organized, taught, and administered grades for three introductory courses

Kahoku, Ishikawa, Japan
Assistant English Language Teacher
-Team-taught with local elementary and junior high English teachers
-Gave teaching demos for local teachers and officials as well as Ministry of Education representatives
-Taught weekly conversation classes for adults


EAP Smith Research Fellowship for East Asian Languages, Spring 2016