sarah e. murray


about Cheyenne

Cheyenne is an Algonquian language spoken in Montana and Oklahoma (read the Ethnologue report). It is an endangered language, with around 1,500 remaining speakers (2000 census).

Cheyenne is a polysynthetic, mainly agglutinative language with `templatic' verbal morphology. An introduction to the Cheyenne verb can be found in my dissertation, Chapter 2.

In the meantime, more information about Cheyenne can be found at the Cheyenne Language Website. A Reference Grammar of the Cheyenne Language is also available at many libraries and to order.

Cheyenne Links

Cheyenne Nation Website

The official website of the Northern Cheyenne Tribe

Cheyenne Language Website

A website dedicated to the Cheyenne Language, compiled and maintained by linguist Wayne Leman. This website has information on Cheyenne pronunciation, grammar, texts, and much more.

Some Cheyenne Texts

A collection of Cheyenne texts compiled by linguist Wayne Leman, some of which are glossed.

Cheyenne Bibliographies

Three bibliographies of work written on or about Cheyenne; includes ordering information.

Cheyenne Dictionary

The Online version of the Cheyenne Dictionary. By Louise Fisher, Wayne Leman, Leroy Pine Sr., and Marie Sanchez