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This is an archive of Cheyenne texts that I have morphologically glossed and translated. All of the texts were recorded by other researchers of Cheyenne; the place where each was originally published is cited in its file. Can't read the files? Download a free .pdf reader or email me.

I'm Beading Moccasins (.pdf)

First person narrative of a woman making moccasins. It contains an example of a conditional, a preverb meaning 'two'/'both', and the reflexive/reciprocal verbal affix -ahte.

Frogs say 'Kovaaahe' (.pdf)

A daughter fools her mother into expressing a cultural taboo. This text illustrates obviation as well as the cannonical use of the reportative evidential in stories.

The Absent Minded Indian (.pdf)

A story about a man who loses one of his horses &mdash or so he thinks! It contains examples of plural anaphora, anaphora to sub-groups, obviative marking, negation, and multiple instances of the conjectural and reportative evidentials.