Hey there! I am a fifth year PhD candidate in Linguistics at Cornell University, where I am a member of the Cornell Phonetics Lab and C.Pysd. Before coming to Cornell, I received my B.A. in Linguistics and my B.A. in French from Indiana University, Bloomington.



  • French Conversation Instructor Spring 2016
  • FREN1210 Teaching Assistant Fall 2018 and 2019
  • FREN1220 Teaching Assistant Spring 2019
  • Intro Phon/Phon Teaching Assistant Spring 2020 and 2021
  • Intro to Linguistics Teaching Assistant Fall 2020

I have several years of experience in instruction. During the semester I studied abroad in France (Spring 2015), I spent time helping local middle school students with their English homework and exam review at an after-school program for at-risk youth. At Indiana University during my undergrad, I was an instructor for a French conversation class offered to first- and second-year French students where I developed student-centered speaking activities geared towards improving their oral fluency. During that same semester at IU, I tutored other undergrads taking Dr. Kelly H. Berkson (my former advisor)'s Phonology class, helping them with problem sets, phonological theories, and exam review. Since coming to Cornell, I have been a Teaching Assistant for first year French (FREN1210, 1220) under the direction of Dr. Claire Menard. This past spring I was a TA for Introduction to Phonetics and Phonology, under the direction of Dr. Draga Zec. I taught two discussion sections, graded assignments, contributed to exams, and held office hours. Last fall I was the TA for Introduction to Linguistics, under the direction of Dr. Miloje Despić, and I managed all the online materials (Canvas, Zoom) and led a discussion section. Spring 2021 I was the TA for Introduction to Phonetics and Phonology again. For the 2021-2022 academic year I am on fellowship.

Other things I'm up to

This summer I was a Language Data Research Intern on the Amazon Alexa AI team!
Outside of Linguistics, I enjoy backpacking, running, and traveling with my fiancé Max Nelson, who is also a linguist!