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Robin Karlin Accepts Assistant Professor Position at University of Missouri

Phonetics Lab alumnus Dr. Robin Karlin  (Ph.D. 2018) has accepted an Assistant Professor position in the Department of Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences at the University of Missouri. 

25th August 2023

Genie Enders and Luis Hernandez Rocha do summer Linguistics research under the Nexus Scholars Program

Cornell Arts & Sciences undergrad students Genie Enders and Luis Hernandez Rocha are conducting summer Linguistics research  as part of the Nexus Scholars Program.


Working with Professor Sam Tilsen and Assistant Professor Helena Aparicio, Genie and Luis are studying how speakers plan and produce sentences when describing dynamic visual scenes.


The project combines eye tracking and sentence production to investigate how the timing of environment visual information influences syntactic and phonological planning processes.


To study this phenomenon, Genie and Luis have successfully recruited subjects and conducted experiments in the Linguistic Department's LiME (Linguistics Meaning) Lab, and they are also conducting online web-hosted experiments through the Phonetics Lab


Genie and Luis  are part of a cohort of 101 students in Arts and Sciences chosen for this program this year.


17th July 2023

Jennifer Kuo joins the Cornell Department of Linguistics and the Phonetics Lab

Dr. Jennifer Kuo has joined the department as an Assistant Professor.  Jennifer  is primarily interested in how different learning biases affect morphophonological learning.  She addresses this question by modeling how paradigms are (mis-)learned over time in a variety of Austronesian languages.  More recently, she is supplementing these findings with experimental results from Artificial Grammar Learning studies.


We welcome Jennifer to the Department and to the Phonetics Lab!

7th July 2023

Post-Doctoral Researcher Dr. Jeremy Needle joins the Phonetics Lab

Post-Doctoral Researcher Dr. Jeremy Needle has joined the Phonetics Lab, where he will work with Dr. Sam Tilsen on various projects.  


Welcome Jeremy!

23rd June 2023