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2020, Proceedings of the 12th International Seminar on Speech Production

Temporal localization of syntactically conditioned prosodic information

2020, Phonology

Incongruencies between phonological theory and phonetic measurement

2020, Journal of Phonetics

Detecting anticipatory information in speech with signal chopping

2012, CWP3

Acoustic Analysis of the Effects of Metrical Regularity on Interval Durations

Emily Cibelli
Shivae Kang
John Houde
Srikantan Nagarajan

2013, CWP3

Imitation of intonational gestures: a preliminary report

Danielle Burgess
Emma Lantz

2013, CWP3

A cross-linguistic investigation of articulatory coordination in word-initial consonant clusters

2014, CWP3

Syllable count judgments and durations of liquid rimes in English

Eric Ricciardi

2014, CWP3

Selection-coordination theory

2014, Linguistics Vanguard. ISSN (Online)

Real-time articulatory biofeedback with electromagnetic articulography

2015, CWP3

Speech and social network dynamics in a constrained vocabulary game: design and hypotheses

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