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2019, Proceedings of the 19th International Congress of Phonetic Sciences

Variation in two patterns of word-initial deletion in Jakarta Indonesia: Insight from naturalistic data

1992, WPCPL 7

The Consequences of Dissimulation in Sundanese

1993, WPCPL 8

A Survey of the Phonology of the Feature [+-nasal]

1994, WPCPL 9

A Phonetic Description of Madurese and its Phonological Implications

Katherine Lockwood

1995, WPCPL 10

Privativity, Underspecification, and Consequences for an Adequate Theory of Phonetic Implementation

1995, WPCPL 10

Phonetics and Phonology

1996, WPCPL 11

Phonetic correlates of primary and secondary stress in Indonesian: A preliminary study

Niken Adisasmito-Smith

1998, WPCPL 12

Temporal properties of Madurese consonants: a preliminary report

William H. Ham

1998, WPCPL 12

Alignment and parallelism in Indonesian phonology

John McCarthy

2000, WPCPL 13

Sonorant devoicing and the phonetic realization of [spread glottis] in English

Ayako Tsuchida
Masaobu Kumada
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