Anca Cherecheș

ac872 @ cornell . edu

not linguistics

In my personal life, I like hitting the gym for some resistance training: squats, deadlifts, push-ups and pull-ups (okay, I'm not quite there yet, but I'm working on it). I never feel as good as when I'm lifting heavy things and putting them down. Also, it's just plain cool. But please ask me how much I deadlift, not how much I bench (my bench is embarrassing).

I also believe that "all human beings should perform basic maintenance on themselves" (Kelly Starrett, DPT). Here's Kelly talking about sitting on your butt the whole day (optionally hunched over a laptop or book). And here's a way to "debug" various aches and pains that you might be having with very simple massage tools, like a lacrosse ball.

Sometimes, I go dancing. Usually it's Argentine Tango, which looks something like this when done by people who know what they're doing. It's a social dance, purely improvisational (unless you're going to a stage tango show), with no fixed partners, a relaxed posture, and gorgeous shoes.

I very much enjoy learning new things. Recently, I've dabbled in squash, tennis, swing, Brazilian jiu jitsu and bouldering/rock climbing (I just got my belay certification!). I'm a beginner and no good at any of these, but I have tons of fun doing them!

I drink a lot of tea. Herbal, green, black, red. As long as it's good tea, usually loose leaf, I love it. I also love coffee. If I'm visiting your city, I'm going to your coffee shop or coffee bean roasters. If you're in Ithaca, you should go to Gimme Coffee. If you're on Cornell campus, Manndible has the best espresso drinks, and Gates Hall has Gimme coffee.