Anca Cherecheș

ac872 @ cornell . edu

Audio file manipulation

Shell scripts.

Matlab code for pitch processing.

Transcripts and annotations for web-harvested speech corpora with EZRA, a web application developed by David Lutz at the computational linguistics lab at Cornell.

Switchboard corpus analysis

[Python code on Github] In this project, I extract all instances of "some" in Switchboard, along with a variety of contextual information. I use lxml.etree for xml traversal.


I am hoping this will grow into a list of useful Romanian resources for linguists interested in working on the language. Please email me with suggestions and comments! I'd especially be interested in recordings with transcripts (podcasts, interviews, etc.).

And here is a random selection of written resources, mostly books and collections.

Finally, an ever-growing list of dissertations that I could track down (coming soon).

Stablerian Minimalist Grammars

I wrote two Stablerian Minimalist Grammars in Stabler's MG CKY parser and utilities in SWI Prolog. I was modelling the (in)famous German nested and Dutch crossed dependencies, taking what seemed to me to be the core, implementable idea of Koopman & Szabolcsi's Verbal Complexes. Their analysis is full of remnant movement, so the derivation trees get ugly... fast. But given the fact that my Dutch grammar needed to be able to generate "infinitely long" crossed dependencies, remnant movement was unavoidable. A more coherent summary is in the Research section. As proof that the grammars did work (albeit sluggishly), below are my fantastic derivations with exactly one level of embedding.

German "dp1 dp2 dp3 v2 v1" Dutch "dp1 dp2 dp3 v1 v2"

Yes, all of that. Sigh... But, it works! This being said, writing these grammars was a little bit like writing code, but it wasn't immediately clear to me initially how I would go about debugging them. Here is what I learned about how I could find out where derivation crashes when the parser does not give me much information. This is very specific to Stablerian MGs and Stabler's Prolog tools for MGs, but here it goes:

Tips about stuff that got me into trouble: