Registration for CULC14 is now open!

We will send anyone who registers invitations to the Zoom Webinars (for talks) and Zoom Meetings (for posters). This is not automatic, so please be patient, but email us if a session is starting soon and you or someone have not received a link yet.

Talk sessions: Talk sessions will be held via Zoom Webinar, with 3 talk presentations per session, roughly grouped by topic. The chat will be disabled, and you and other attendees will be able to chat with the hosts only, in case of any logistical questions or issues. For Q&A sessions, attendees are able to submit questions throughout the talk and Q&A session via Zoom Webinar’s Q&A function. We ask that attendees who would like to ask a question or follow-up questions via audio to indicate so with (mic) at the end of their question, and we can temporarily turn on their microphone so they can ask questions. If they choose not to ask via mic but via text, the moderator for that session will read questions aloud.

Poster sessions: Poster sessions will be held via Zoom Meeting with breakout rooms. Attendees will be able to request via chat to see a specific poster, or request a poster presenter who is not currently talking with anyone. We will move attendees to specific breakout rooms so you can talk individually with presenters. You can ask the host for help if necessary, or leave the breakout room to return to the main room, where you can choose to view another poster.