Program of Events

The PDF program for CULC14 is available here.
All times are in EDT (UTC-4). Talks are 20 minutes followed by 5 minutes for questions. Poster sessions are 30 minutes long.


Talk Session 1
11am Conference Welcome
11:05am A Case of Unmarked Case: The Effect of Proficiency on the L2 Acquisition of Case Particle Ellipsis in Korean
Hannah Parrott, Carleton College, slides link
11:30am Influence of linguistic structure of caregiver speech on infant vocal learning
Isabella DiGiovanni, Cornell University
11:55am The Accessibility of Quantificational Antecedents in Online Processing
Nikhil Lakhani, University of Pennsylvania
Talk Session 2
1pm Limitations of Natural Language Processing Methods Applied to Variation Data
Rebecca K. Andersen, Washington University in St. Louis
1:25pm Animacy, Authority, and Outsiders: The History of an Academic Understanding of Algonquian Gender
Anna Whitney, University of Chicago
1:50pm Language convergence in New York City’s Chinatown: The Teochew case
Anne H. Nguyen, Barnard College
Poster Session 1
2:30pm Sociolinguistic perception of dialect features and phenotype
Akiah Watts, Dartmouth College, poster pdf
Poets and Personae: 'Poet Voice' as Sociolinguistic Identity Construction in Spoken Word Poetry
Cannon Williams, Baylor University, poster pptx
Regularization of Suppletive Comparatives and Superlatives
Declan Jacobs, University of Chicago, poster pdf
Clit/Cock/Growth: Body Terminology in Transmasculine Erotica
Graham Blair, Western Washington University, poster pdf
Gender "Differences" in Uptalk in the College Classroom
Kathryn Copeland, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, poster pdf
Que hablen así: Effects of explicit phonological instruction for L2-Spanish learners
Nancy Brill & Brahm, Western Washington University
A Preliminary Phonological Analysis of Lowa (loy)
Sarah Henn, Baylor University, poster pdf
Talk Session 3
3:15pm Consonant-Stem Nominal Case Morphology in the Slavic Languages
Hans Slechta, Cornell University, pptx
3:40pm Dative-Allative-Locative Case Syncretism in Tibetan
Christine Gu, University of Chicago, slides link
4:05pm Dependent case in Japanese
Satoru Ozaki, Carnegie Mellon University, pptx


Talk Session 4
11am English Genitives in Coordinate Structures: A Case-Based Approach
Caleb Allen Feltis, University of Minnesota, pptx
11:25am A Tale of Non/Manual Marking in the Turkish Sign Language: V-to-Neg Raising Revisited
Tan Arda Gedik, Middle East Technical University, slides pdf
11:50am New Cartographic Evidence for Clause-Medial Position of Low Sentence-Final Aspect Particles in Mandarin Chinese
Haoming Li, University of Chicago
Talk Session 5
1pm Every presupposition of every: Projective properties of distributive quantifiers
Kalen Chang, Cornell University, slides link
1:25pm Stereotypes are not a Linguistic Property
Danielle Barreto, Brooklyn College
1:50pm You Called Her a What?! Experimental Evidence for the Expressive and Descriptive Dimensions of Slurs
Talia Lang, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, pptx
Poster Session 2
2:30pm Lexical Analysis of "Miedo y Asco en Las Vegas": the effects of Francoist censorship in translation
Antonio Adame Flores (with Eleonora Lozano Bachioqui, Ph.D.), Universidad Autónoma de Baja California, pptx
Third-Order Indexicality and the Silencing or Black Women
Cynthia Habib, Cleveland State University, poster/citations zip
Language in the Classroom: The Role of Teacher Attitudes in Assigning Status to Student Languages
Erin Siwek, Concordia University, Montreal, poster pdf
Revisiting Derrida: Monolingualism and Cultural Anxiety
Grey Johnson, Harvard University
Collective Numerals, Analytical Adjectives, and the Value of Untranslated Research
Mackenzie Chandler, Baylor University, poster pdf
Comparing Language Attitudes Toward Arabic in New York City With Those In Egypt
Marwa Elraey, CUNY Brooklyn College, poster pdf
Something from Nothing: a Distributed Morphology Analysis of Null Morphology in Feminine Plural Verbal Inflections in Modern Standard Arabic
Michael Marinaccio, New York University
Prosody of Ojibwe Discourse Markers
Sonja Frazier, Queen's University, poster pdf
Keynote Presentation
3:15pm Diachronic sources for the Greenbergian universals: A formal syntax perspective
Prof. John Whitman, Cornell University
4:30pm Conference Closing