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Seung-Eun Kim & Dr. Sam Tilsen to present poster at 2021 ASA Conference

PhD candidate Seung-Eun Kim and Dr. Sam Tilsen will present a poster at 181st Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America, held Nov 29 - Dec 3, 2021 in Seattle, Washington.  


Her poster - titled Evidence for F0 Preplanning With Delayed Stimuli, presents data suggesting that speakers plan F0 targets and range before production, and such planning restricts subsequent control of F0.




A sentence production experiment was conducted to investigate F0 preplanning, specifically examining whether speakers plan pitch targets according to utterance length and whether preplanning limits dynamic control of pitch range.


The experiment used a novel elicitation method in which visual stimuli that cue part of the utterance are delayed so that participants initiate the utterance without knowledge of its length. Participants read sentences in which the subject noun phrase was composed of one, two, or three conjoined noun phrases with controlled lexical and phonological content (e.g. Eight red weasels and nine green rhinos and eight blue llamas live in the zoo).


On half of the trials with two and three noun phrases, the presentation of the visual stimuli that cued non-initial phrases (e.g. nine green rhinos and eight blue llamas) was delayed until after detection of utterance initiation. The effects of length and delay on F0 measures were analyzed. The results showed the length effect; the utterance-initial F0 peak was highest when three phrases were presented initially and lowest when one phrase was presented initially.


Moreover, the utterance-initial peak in delayed stimuli was similar to that of the single phrase stimuli. In non-initial phrases, the pitch range of the delayed stimuli was constrained such that the F0 peak of the stimuli without delay was higher than those with delay.


The findings suggest that speakers plan F0 targets and range before production, and such planning restricts subsequent control of F0.



8th November 2021

Katherine Blake to present at LSA 2022

Grad student Katherine Blake will present a paper titled "Avoiding phonological markedness via word ordering in French and Italian" at the upcoming Linguistics Society of America (LSA) Conference, to be held virtually in January 2022.


This work investigates the phonological conditioning factors on variable word order of {noun, adjective} phrases in two Romance languages: French and Italian.


In both of these languages, the default order of modified noun phrases is [noun adjective], with the modifier coming postnominally (Laenzlinger, 2005; Cinque, 2010). Prenominal order, [adjective noun] is also available for some adjectives.


Critically, there are cases reported in the literature where certain adjectives are permissible in both positions, some without a difference in meaning. Examples of all three types are below (French: Knittel, 2005; Italian: Cinque, 2010).


Results of a corpus study conducted for the present work show evidence for the effects of phonological conditioning on this word ordering.

2nd November 2021

Maspong & Burroni will present at AMP 2021

Cornell grad students Sireemas Maspong and Francesco Burroni, along with UC Berkeley grad student Raksit Lau-Preechathammarach will present a paper at the Annual Meeting on Phonology (AMP 2021), to be held online Oct. 1-3, 2021


Their paper is titled "Unifying Initial Geminates and fortis stops via laryngeal specification: Three case studies from Pattani Malay, Salentino, and Dunan" 

16th August 2021

Stefansdottir, Burroni, and Tilsen will present at Interspeech 2021

On September 3, 2021  grad student Brynhildur Stefansdottir, grad student Francesco Burroni, and Dr. Sam Tilsen will present a paper at Interspeech 2021 titled:  Articulatory Characteristics of Icelandic Voiced Fricative Lenition: Gradience, Categoricity, and Speaker/Gesture-Specific Effects.

16th August 2021