Anca Cherecheș

ac872 @ cornell . edu


I am a fifth year PhD candidate in the Linguistics Department at Cornell. I am broadly interested in issues of phonology and semantics. My research is on the ways in which speakers say what they mean indirectly, through the tone of their voice, the rhythm of their speech, and small variations in how they pronounce certain key words. I work by integrating insights and methodologies from a range of approaches, including theoretical linguistics, corpus linguistics, computational linguistics, psycholinguistics, and historical linguistics. My main adviser is Mats Rooth. I also work with Draga Zec, Sam Tilsen and Sarah Murray.

My github has some of the code I've written for various research projects.

My name is pronounced /aŋka kerekeʃ/. Not too bad, eh? The diacritic on s is a comma below (not a cedilla).